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Today's Author is Chip Kent, MSc, SPHR, CDM, CFPP, FMP. He is the Thought Leader for our Partner Service Initiative. Prior to Clark, Chip spent over 35 years managing & leading organizations within the Hospitality Industry including Restaurants, Business, Health Care and Retirement Communities.

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So...What is Trends?

Trends...Powered by Clark, will be our vehicle to share valuable insights for our customers to consider when Strategizing, Developing or Planning the direction for their Organization, Departments or Projects.

This won't be a typical Newsletter.  In the spirit of respecting our customer's time, the content will consist of short articles in the form of an e-Blast highlighting a point or two at any one time.  These 'Articles'  will contain information that Clark Companies have learned, or are continuing to learn as one of the Nation's fastest growing Food Service Equipment companies.

To Quote Walt Disney - "You don't build it for yourself.  You know what the people want and you build it for Them." Trends is an informational piece for you - Not a sales piece for us.

Chip's TiPS - (Techniques, Insights, Points to ponder, & Strategies) is a feature where I will share thoughts based on a particular Subject of Interest that has been a focus of attention, or about challenges that we have experienced, or discussed, among our customer base.  Future articles will be authored by one of our many Certified Specialists within their specific area of expertise.

Since my Introduction to Trends has taken most of the space for this edition, let me leave you with one "Point to Ponder!"  Walt Disney once said, "You can Dream, Create, Design, and Build the most wonderful place in the world but it takes People to make the Dream a Reality."  My Point:   How are you Recruiting, Training, Communicating and Caring for your most valuable Business Asset...Each and Every one of Your Associates?  Are you reaching the "Gold Standard" in each of those areas?  Chip's TiPS will address this question in future Trend's articles.  But until then...

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Dish rooms are always lit, but rarely always occupied. Install simple motion sensors in these areas to save on lighting costs throughout the day. Expand this idea to restrooms, storerooms and other less traveled areas to realize even greater savings!

Have a Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah-Day!

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