Vision & Values

Redefining the expectations of the industry

Who We Are

Core Purpose

Our food service equipment experts coordinate and execute your project from the beginning of pre-construction through project completion and equipment warranty. With best in class equipment options, a nationwide footprint, our proprietary online project management system, and project managers with trade experience, we offer unmatched quality and service for your next kitchen equipment project.

"We're demanding aggressive change for the one part of our business that has largely stayed the same."

What We Do

Some examples of how we are redefining the expectations of the industry:

  • Our Project Development team built a prospect assessment module that rates the likelihood of success, using an algorithm created in-house that looks at various factors of the project such as historical data and location
  • Our Design Services team offers a virtual reality tour of space before construction has even begun with the ability to make real time changes
  • Our Project Management team utilizes an automated critical path tracking system to ensure we're hitting key milestones on time for successful project execution
  • Our Warehouse team operates with a custom iPad app to receive, track, and ship equipment for our projects
  • Our PRO Marketplace team offers customers a staged order service in which an Account Project Manager hand delivers their large, new kitchen smallwares package. On site we’ll assist with inventorying and unpacking, as well as create a custom order portfolio detailing all kitchen and dining items with photos, details, and SKUs

Core Values

Satisfied Customers

Delivering results that meet our customers’ needs and provide exceptional value

We're the experts when it comes to commercial kitchen equipment and supplies, and we answer to a lot of different personnel involved in the life of a project, so we need to be driving the decisions when it comes to the investment of our customers' time and money. If the circumstances don't align with our ability to deliver a product with exceptional value, we'll walk away from the sale. That’s how committed we are to doing good business.

Dynamic Company

Fostering a culture that encourages innovation, collaboration, and work-life balance

We want to challenge ourselves, and each other, to ask good questions, and be open to new ideas. In other words, always “challenging the status quo.”

We know employees can only be their best selves in the office if they have work-life balance. We offer flexible hours, socials, community engagement, and on-site fitness center, health and nutrition classes, and much more.

Invested Employees

Cultivating passionate employees inspired to act with creativity, flexibility, and integrity

We’re dedicated to doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. No job is too small or act of service too far outside the job description.

Leadership Team

Jamie Rottmund


Justin Sheaffer

Director of Project Management

Ramsey Sybel

Director of Project Development

Josh Killian

Director of Design

Alex Groff

PRO Marketplace Team Leader

Quentin Kruger

Director of EQ Supply Chain

Curt Casciano

General Manager of CFSE Florida

Dave Brandt

Assistant Director of Field & Warehouse